Poultry Gizzards

Gizzards for Human Consumption:

Gizzards are not currently available from the processing plant. This is due to the extra work that is required to separate them from the Gut, Chill to 5 degrees within 1 hour and then clean. Gizzards need to be carefully cleaned to remove any risk of bacteria from the bird including the inner lining.

From the Standards document:
15.70 Gizzards shall be:
(a) separated from the viscera immediately after removal from the body cavity and then cleaned, trimmed and washed under a continuous flow or spray of water before being placed in the collection container; and
(b) subjected to follow-up manual inspection if cleaned by automatic machines.
15.71 Edible offal shall be chilled to 5°C or below within one hour of its removal from the viscera and drained to remove free ice and water before packing.

Gizzards for Pet Food:

We can separate the Gizzards for a small fee to cover the extra time required. Please be aware that the gizzards are simply removed, tagged with a dye and then bagged. The dye is required to verify that the product will not be accidentally or intentionally used for human consumption. If any grower advertised or promotes, verbally or in writing, Pet food products as safe for human consumption, we will immediately suspend offering the product(s).