Post Processing Activities

Post Processing Activities

Once everything has been washed down, the buckets and tools need a final sterile clean. This can be done by giving them a good wash with boning room mix (Morfoam) and a quick pressure clean.

The Pressure cleaner is not to be used inside the processing plant, it can be used outside where dirt blasted from the object won’t end up on walls, ceiling etc. Causing additional cleaning.

The below spray bottle should be used to cover all items with boning room mix (Morfoam). Fill the bottle with boning room mix (morfoam) using the funnel. Attach a hose and spray everything that needs to be washed. Leave for 5-10 minutes to allow the boning room mix to break down Fat remnants then wash with strong hose or the pressure cleaner outside.


The spray bottle attaches to a normal hose. Use it like you would use a garden spray nozzle.

Make sure everything is washed from the top to the bottom. i.e., make sure the bottom is as clean as the top, otherwise putting the object on top of a clean object will contaminate it.

Once clean, everything should be stacked, upside down, on the draining shelving. Nothing is allowed to be inserted into another, everything must be allowed to dry fully. Bacteria grows in moisture.

Drain Shelf: