Chicken Feet!

There is a desire for chicken feet, which is great, below are the rules for requesting chicken feet from your birds processed at our facility.

Pet Food:

We are happy to provide the feet from the post scalding and plucker process step at no cost. Feet are placed in a bulk bag and labelled with “Feet – Pet Food”. Please be advised that normal food safety rules apply for pet food, this product must be kept separated from editable products and no food prep areas can be used with repackaging the feet unless sterilised (as per your HACCP) after.

To clarify, there are strict rules governing how chicken feet need to be prepared for human consumption to limit risk of bacteria and anything from the chicken farm (where chickens walk around) being consumed by humans. For human consumption the Nails must be removed, epidermal scale removed and if feet have any injury, discarded. In addition these actions must be performed and the feet chilled to 5 degrees within 1 hour of removal.

Ordering Pet Food Feet – The only requirement we have is that this article is read and understood with an email to stating that “We agree to never sell pet food chicken feet for human consumption or imply that the product is safe for human consumption”. If we receiveĀ  reports that pet food feet are sold or implied through sale for human consumption, collection of feet will immediately be cancelled indefinitely.

Chicken feet for Human Consumption:

The facility currently does not provide chicken feet for human consumption. However, should a grower require this, a plan can be put into place to provide the service.

The cost is purely the labour required to further process the feet ie:

  • Take the feet removed and sort based on quality (Pet Only, Human)
  • Perform additional scalding (placed in 60 degrees hot water).
  • Remove Epidermal Scale from feet.
  • Remove nails from feet.
  • Bag and place in ICE water
  • Monitor as per HACCP to verify temperature requirements. 5 degrees within 1 hour of removal.

Labour is charged at $40 ph with minimum of 1 hour. This allows the setup of the process (Hot water, bags, table, etc) and post clean up. Number of feet per hour is unknown and would depend on a number of factors. We will do our best to optimize the process and perform as many as humanly possible.