About Us

Alstonville Poultry Farm is a free-range farm established in 1966 by Kathy Robinson. It is one of the first free range poultry farms in the Northern Rivers and is still going strong! It is a working farm just outside of the town of Alstonville near Teven on the edge of the Alstonville Plateau. When customers come out to the farm they comment about how lucky the chickens are to have such a beautiful coastal view!

We specialise in raising pullets which are sold at point of lay. We do have chickens of all ages and have sold countless week old chicks to young families who like to have the chickens to grow up with the kiddos!

The farm also produces eggs which are available at independent retailers in the region such as Farmer Charlie’s in Lismore and Village Green in Brunswick Heads. We also provide the eggs to Macadamia Castle, so be sure to have a stop in and enjoy our fresh eggs in one of their special brekkies! If you are interested in ordering on an ongoing basis give us a call 0266280538. We also have eggs by the dozen for pickup at the farm as well.

Recently we’ve also started offering a Backyard Chicken Coop Package which includes everything one needs to have an instant sustainable backyard chicken lifestyle! We provide the Chicken Coop, a couple of pullets at point of lay, a water nipple feeder, a food container and food. It’s the perfect one stop shop, easy, efficient and an overall complete package. If you are interested in one of these packages click here.

We love being able to share the joy of having chickens as they truly are the win-win companion pet!