How much does it cost?

We can process all Poultry. However we need to charge differently depending on how long it takes to process. If your Bird isn’t listed below, please contact us to get a price.

Standard ROSS/COBB Meat Bird: $4.50 inc GST

Duck: $5.50 inc GST

This is for basic processing only, in one end and bulk bag at the other end. Livers and Hearts are available. Anything else is priced based on labour cost.

Ducks are not easy to pluck, we can’t guarantee a perfect plucked duck at this time. (Work in Progress).

Positions Vacant

Poultry Process Employee


Alstonville Poultry Processing is looking for a Part Time Poultry Processing Employee for new business processing local Organic and Free Range Poultry.

Initial Hours will be Wednesdays 5AM – 9AM, work hours will increase as business grows.

Min Payrate is based on the Poultry Process Award 2010 [MA000074] or higher by negotiation based on skill, experience and employment arrangements.

Roles include:

  • Working on a small production line
  • Working in a fast paced environment
  • Handing raw chicken
  • Stunning Poultry (Co2 Gas)
  • Plucking Poultry
  • Evisceration of Poultry
  • Washing and Packing Poultry

Requirements of the role include, but are not limited to;

  • Be a quick learner and work in multiple sections of the facility if required
  • Handling and packing of ‪raw chicken meat products
  • Competently comply with strict Food Safety Manufacturing Practices requirements set out by the Business
  • Work at a fast pace to meet the operational requirements of the business
  • The ability to understand and comprehend clear instructions
  • Work safely at all times with on the job training provided
  • Must have own transport – No public Transport.

Desirable Skills/Experience

  • Boning Skills
  • Tractor Experience
  • Previous experience in a production environment and/or food industry


Alstonville – off Teven Rd. 2477






David 0412 458 477

Purchasing Poultry

To start out with, we recommend that are contacted and used for purchasing the meat birds. The birds will be vaccinated and couriered direct.

Once the process is understood, brooding working well and how to processing them is known, then, if desired, move to other breeds that may be more costly to acquire as chicks and high risk if something goes wrong in the early days of life.


Sell to us or direct

We are happy to arrange meetings with butchers and resturants for your product. You can either be a contract grower and sell the birds to us or (preferred) use us as the processor only and sell the product directly to your client.

We can organise pickup of the product with the client.

All Transport from the processing facility must be in a NSW Food Safe registered transport vehicle.



How large an area do I need?

What are the first steps?

Things to consider for brooding.

What does a Live Meat bird dress out to?

Live KG – Dressed KG
1.8 –> 1.26
1.9 –> 1.33
2.0 –> 1.40
2.1 –> 1.47
2.2 –> 1.54
2.3 –> 1.61
2.4 –> 1.68
2.5 –> 1.75
2.6 –> 1.82
2.7 –> 1.89
2.8 –> 1.96
2.9 –> 2.03
3.0 –>  2.1
3.1 –> 2.17
3.2 –> 2.24
3.3 –> 2.31
3.4 –> 2.38
3.5 –> 2.45
A Dressed 1.6 KG Bird is 2.4KG Live.
Based on birds at 6-7 weeks of age.

How do I Start?

Here is the multistep process:

  1. Call Us on 0412 458 477 to discuss your plans and timeline.
  2. Visit the Processing Plant to see how the operation works on a Wednesday. Learn how to process chickens. Even if you don’t wish to know this “part”, you need to. What you do on the farm directly effects the final product. To achieve high quality product, the process from start to finish must be known.
  3. Learn how to brood meat birds (Heat, shelter, food and water), please discuss with Us. Then setup a small area to learn with. Starting with 50 Birds.
  4. Order a small batch of Birds from Bonds Enterprises in QLD.
  5. Learn how they grow, record their weights, learn from mistakes while small.
  6. In 4 Weeks, contact Us to organise a Processing Date.
  7. In 6-8 Weeks, process the birds. Share your product with friends and family.
  8. Plan the Next Step, how many can be grown on the property? How often? Who should purchase the final product? We are happy to provide wholesale contacts.
  9. Register with NSW Food Authority. This allows the NSW Food Authority to make sure the poultry are kept in humane conditions and the birds are fit for human consumption when they arrive at the processing facility. Depending on numbers this may not require any fees.
  10. Complete paperwork with Us to delivery poultry for processing.
  11. Discuss with Bonds Enterprises the dates and numbers of birds needed.
  12. Confirm who will buy the birds. Sell Direct to the Public through Markets or contact us for some wholesalers who will take the product direct from the processing plant.
  13. Grow!